Thursday, October 29, 2009

Which job is more valuable

Which job is more valuable – a lawyer or a production worker?

This is really a nice question in all our thoughts whenever we want to choose studies after 10th standard.

i found a nice article on

It's really useful to all of us Which job is more valuable


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  3. The More Valuable, would be the production worker. However the more Profitable, is the lawyer. ;)

  4. Its really a nice question.

    Production manager is correct.

  5. The Lawyers are one of the biggest reasons costs are up everywhere.

  6. product worker is always great.

  7. bohzo (hello)

    I do not believe that question can be answered as simple one or the other, because society needs both. Ask the man who needs a lawyer and he will say the lawyer, ask the man who supports a his family by being a production worker....

  8. Thank you, makes sense to write exactly what you got from the blog and why. Helps the writer and the audience. But as I always say, keep it short and sweet.