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Blog Traffic tips to make Money

Blog Traffic tips to make Money: Blog Traffic tips, Google Adsense ,Making money online , Blog widgets , Blog guide, Blog Templates,Search engine optimization - SEO.

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Blog Bang Anuh

Blog Bang Anuh: Everything about Blogging, HTML Blog Code, Adsense, SEO, Making Money & Humor or Sport.

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casa dolcetto - discovering Italy

casa dolcetto - discovering Italy:A new life, discovering and loving Italy one day at a time. For travellers and settlers alike and dedicated to all things Italian. Featuring comment, news, resources, reviews as well as our own personal experiences and travels around Italy.

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How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense

How to Make Money Online with Google AdSense: There are many way to make money online.If you are looking for a way to make money with Google AdSense that you can follow easy way step-by-step of Google AdSense Tips.

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Life Path of A Network Marketer - Life Path of A Network Marketer

Leo Saraceni is an young entrepreneur with a passion for online marketing. On his blog, he shares his discoveries along with great tips on pay-per-click, attraction marketing, and personal development.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Free Classifieds

Free Classifieds: Free Online Classifieds is an Australian Classifieds website which allows users to browse, buy and sell their stuff through classified Ads without any costs. :you are on the site of a Marine & Petroleum Surveyor, here you can get the latest information of the oil and gas industry, shipping, latest technologies for surveying, Offshore Survey, Vessel Survey and and other interesting articles from the world's of mining on our blog thus my journey.

Be Better at Life

Be Better at Life:

A blog I use to collect information about how to be better...

Be Better at anything that comes to my mind but it has to be cheap, easy and fast.

Post about everything from running, health, Mac and/or iPhone apps, food etc.

Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis: Sleep paralysis is said to be experienced by most of us at least once in our lifetime but for some it is an enduring torment.

The victim experiences physical paralysis whilst being conciously aware whilst often experiencing encounters with unknown entities.

This blog is intended to give helpful advice and understanding of this affliction and help sufferers overcome their sleep problems.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Official Google Blog: Netlog integrates with Google Friend Connect

Official Google Blog: Netlog integrates with Google Friend Connect

When we started building Friend Connect, we wanted to provide a fully open system — one that lets you join any website and interact with the people there in a meaningful way, regardless of where they come from. To enable this kind of engagement, we used open standards like OpenID, OAuth, and OpenSocial as underlying technologies, enabling any other service to plug into Friend Connect.

Official Google Blog: Netlog integrates with Google Friend Connect

Official Google Blog: New Logo Look

You may have noticed new logos at the top of some of Google's web pages, including Google Labs, Google Moderator, and Google Code. These are the result of a new logo design we are rolling out. We hope this design freshens up our look as well as improves consistency and ease of use across our sites. Now, our product names will appear in clean, simple blue lowercase type alongside the Google logo as shown here:


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Official Google Blog: Put the pedal to the metal with a faster Google Chrome

Official Google Blog: Put the pedal to the metal with a faster Google Chrome

We introduced Google Chrome back in September, and it's received a great response so far. Since launching, we've been working hard on adding the top requested features and making Google Chrome even faster.

Today, we are updating to a new version of Google Chrome that is faster than ever. JavaScript-heavy web pages will now run about 30% faster. See the chart below or compare scores yourself.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Official Google Blog: Introducing Measurement Lab

Official Google Blog: Introducing Measurement Lab

When an Internet application doesn't work as expected or your connection seems flaky, how can you tell whether there is a problem caused by your broadband ISP, the application, your PC, or something else? It can be difficult for experts, let alone average Internet users, to address this sort of question today.

Last year we asked a small group of academics about ways to advance network research and provide users with tools to test their broadband connections. Today Google, the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute, the PlanetLab Consortium, and academic researchers are taking the wraps off of Measurement Lab (M-Lab), an open platform that researchers can use to deploy Internet measurement tools.

Official Google Blog: Google Toolbar in Firefox: a personalized new tab page

Official Google Blog: Google Toolbar in Firefox: a personalized new tab page

Those of you who use Google Toolbar on Firefox are probably pretty familiar with the many features Toolbar 5 (beta) has to offer — from bookmarks to buttons and search box to "send to." We've added a couple more features to the Firefox Toolbar, so feel free to download this "second beta" to get all the latest and greatest Google Toolbar has to offer.

One of the features I'm really excited about is the new tab page. Now, when you open up a new tab, instead of the blank white page you see by default in Firefox, you will instead see small thumbnails of your favorite sites (up to 9), as well as recently-closed and bookmarked pages based on your browser history.

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Official Google Blog: Dive into the new Google Earth

Official Google Blog: Dive into the new Google Earth

As you read this, I am at the beautiful California Academy of Sciences, announcing the launch of the newest version of Google Earth. This launch is particularly special to me because it marks the moment when Google Earth becomes much more complete — it now has an ocean.

Didn't Google Earth always have an ocean? Technically, yes, well, sort of. We have always had a big blue expanse and some low-resolution shading to suggest depth. But starting today we have a much more detailed bathymetric map (the ocean floor), so you can actually drop below the surface and explore the nooks and crannies of the seafloor in 3D. While you're there you can explore thousands of data points including videos and images of ocean life, details on the best surf spots, logs of real ocean expeditions, and much more.

Official Google Blog: "This site may harm your computer" on every search result?!?!

Official Google Blog: "This site may harm your computer" on every search result?!?!

If you did a Google search between 6:30 a.m. PST and 7:25 a.m. PST this morning, you likely saw that the message "This site may harm your computer" accompanied each and every search result. This was clearly an error, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to our users.

What happened? Very simply, human error. Google flags search results with the message "This site may harm your computer" if the site is known to install malicious software in the background or otherwise surreptitiously. We do this to protect our users against visiting sites that could harm their computers. We maintain a list of such sites through both manual and automated methods. We work with a non-profit called to come up with criteria for maintaining this list, and to provide simple processes for webmasters to remove their site from the list.

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Official Google Blog: Follow your favorite blogs

Official Google Blog: Follow your favorite blogs
Some people dream of being a rock star, while others just want a few discerning souls to become avid readers of their blogs. Both are noble pursuits, but with some good pictures, and a witty turn of phrase or two, building a Blogger fan-base may be a more attainable dream.

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Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers

Blogger Buzz: Show off your Followers

Would you like to know who enjoys reading your blog? Or stay updated with your favorite blogs right from your Blogger dashboard? You can do those things and more with Blogger’s new Following feature.

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