Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Navbar on blogspot blogs

Navbar on blogspot blogs

The Blogger Navbar appears by default at the top of every Blogger-powered blog. For every new blogger's blog, comes with Navbar.

Navbar features :

  • [B]: takes you back to www.blogger.com.
  • Search Blog: searches the blog you're viewing. Results will appear directly on the page.
  • Flag Blog: lets you mark the current blog as objectionable.
  • NextBlog: takes you to a random, recently-updated Blogger blog.
  • [email address]: If you are logged in to your account, you'll see your own address here. Other viewers will see their own email addresses, or none at all if they aren't logged in.
  • Dashboard: If you are logged in, you'll have a link to your own dashboard.
  • Sign In/Out: This displays the appropriate option, depending on whether you're logged in or not.
Show or Hide Navbar:

Step 1. Log in to blogger account.

Step 2. On your Dashboard, select Layout. This will take you to the Template tab. Click Edit HTML. Under the Edit Template section you will see you blog’s HTML.

Step 3. Delete the code below to show the Navbar

#navbar, #navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

or Add that code to your css code to hide the Navbar.

Here are some sample search results of some blog.


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